Cannabis in Israel

Optimal climatic conditions to grow medical cannabis

Ideal Humidity

Safeguarding the plant from insects and enabling optimal growth.

Optimal Temperature

Reduces energy in winter and summer, saving considerable production costs.

Approx. 300 days of Sun

Annual sun exposure leads to further reduced production costs.

High UV rays

Vital for effective growth of cannabis and high yields.

Key Factors

Low-cost Operations Low-cost Operations

Optimal climate and infrastructure allow for greenhouses and low-cost production of approx. $0.40/gram

Leading Research Centre Leading Research Centre

Researchers in Israel have been studying cannabis for 50 years

Agricultural Innovation Agricultural Innovation

Israel is world renowned as an agricultural innovation hub

Leading Partnerships

Partnership with leading Israeli research institutions and Universities to leverage their expertise and bring novel products to market.

Our Land

Licensed Licensed

Secured deals with 3 licensed farms in Israel to lease their land for medicinal marijuana cultivation, all currently hold cultivation licenses

Significant Size Significant Size

Fully funded capacity of 232,900 sq. ft. with the ability to produce 23,500 kg annually.

Expansion Opportunity Expansion Opportunity

Scalable to over 580,000 sq. ft. producing 50,000kg annually

Engineering Engineering

A proposed 12 canopy layout offers excellent modularity for irrigation, electrical distribution and maintenance.

The Facility

Fully funded for 232,900 sq. ft. with annual capacity of 23,500 kg with ability to scale to 580,000 sq. ft facility

Low-cost Operations

Low-cost producer of high-grade medical marijuana, with anticipated cost of $0.40 per gram

IMC-GAP/GSP certified facility to meet all regulatory standards

Leading Research Centre

A proposed 12 canopy layout offers excellent modularity for irrigation, electrical distribution and maintenance.

Israel’s climate ideal for cannabis cultivation. Modern greenhouse canopies offer the highest quality production environment at the lowest potential cost to growers.

Proposed Timeline

2018/2019 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Architecture . . .
Engineering . . .
Security Design . . .
Building Permits . . .
R&D Partnership . . .
Product Development . . . . . .
Greenhouse Construction . . . . . .
Nursery Propagation . . . .
Planting .
Harvest . . .
GMP Facility
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