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Cannabis Acceptance

Global cannabis use and acceptance is growing within all consumer segments, with an estimated global market size of $146.6B by 2025. Assuming the US and all 28 EU Countries legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use, the worldwide market for cannabis products could reach $194B.

Domestic Base

Israel is among the highest cannabis use-per-capita in the world at over 27%. This represents a massively underserved domestic market offering significant and immediate opportunities for expansion. Israel also possesses a rich history and relationship with cannabis, which is widely accepted domestically.

European Growth

The Israeli government has legalized exports as of January 2019 and anticipates functional operations as early as 2020. European countries are starting to see the value of medical cannabis, and are opening their borders to imports. Israel is uniquely positioned to access the EU through Malta with GMP flower and oils.

Israeli Regulatory Overview

In 2007 Israel became the first country to allow medical research and cannabis cultivation and is now the 3rd country in the world to allow exports.

Export framework is expected to be operational in early 2020.

Cannabis is legal for medical purposes in Israel and decriminalized for recreational use. Patients purchase directly from pharmacies.

Very similar to the Canadian regime, Isracann holds preliminary licences to operate its exisiting greenhouse and for expansion up to 2,000,000 sq. ft. Completion of first crop allows for final permanent cultivation license.


regulatory overview

Israeli Market


Optimal climate for growing conditions will allow Isracann to be a low-cost producer serving the domestic market.

+46,000 patients are currently accessing medical cannabis.

Patients expected to exceed 90,000 by 2020.

Among the highest cannabis use per capita in the world.

History of cannabis innovation and research with THC and CBD cannabinoid structure was initiated at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Top researchers in the field add valuable strategic data for the development of formulations and cannabinoid profiles.

European Market

Israel approved legislative framework for export of medical cannabis in January 2019 which positions it as the third country behind Canada and Netherlands able to export medical cannabis.

EU medical market estimated to be $64B USD by 2028.

Initial entry point to be Germany, a medical market with extremely large potential.

In 2018 German health care covered over $75 million of cannabis products. Currently Germany imports cannabis from the Netherlands and Canada. Israel is set to be the third country exporting cannabis to Germany.