Market Highlights

Leading Research Centre


One of the fastest growing consumer segments ever, with an estimated global market size of $146.6B by 2025


10,000 patients in Israel currently on waitlist. Massively underserved domestic market presents significant and immediate opportunity


Israeli government has legalized exports as of January 2019 which is expected to be live early 2020. Positioned to be a premier supplier of medical cannabis to the European Union, one of the biggest patient populations in the world.

Israel’s Regulatory Overview

In 2007 Israel became the first country to allow medical research and cannabis cultivation and is now the 3rd country in the world to allow exports.

Export framework is expected to be operational in early 2020.

Cannabis is legal for medical purposes in Israel and decriminalized for recreational use. Patients purchase directly from pharmacies.

Isracann’s focus is on nursery, cultivation and manufacturing licenses, of which the company already has nursery and cultivation in place. This strategy will allow Isracann to control the value chain and maximize value to its shareholders.

6 types of licenses:

Nursery Distribution
Cultivation Pharmacy
Manufacture Scientific
regulatory overview

Israeli Market


Optimal climate for growing conditions will allow Isracann to be a low-cost producer serving the domestic market

10,000 patients on waitlist for medical cannabis due to supply constraints

Patients expected to exceed 50,000 in 2019

Among the highest cannabis use per capita in the world

History of cannabis innovation and research with THC and CBD cannabinoid structure discovered at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Access to top researchers in the field provides valuable strategic data for the development of formulations and cannabinoid profiles

European Market

Israel approved legislative framework for exports of medical cannabis in January 2019 which positions it as the third country behind Canada and Netherlands able to export medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis already available in 10 European countries and more are following Germany’s leading role.

European population over 740 million, double USA and Canada — the two largest cannabis markets today.

EU medical market estimated to be $64B USD by 2028

Initial entry point to be Germany, a medical market potentially larger than the rest of Europe combined

Sector Comparables

Company Name Market Cap ($MM)
(Nov. 9, 2018)
Funded Facility Size
(1,000 sq. ft.)
Funded Capacity Market Cap ($MM) / Funded Facility Size Market Cap ($MM) / Funded Capacity
Isracann Biosciences $55.2MM 232.9 23.5t 0.2x 2.3x
WeedMD $179MM 616.0 33.0t 0.3x 5.4x
Newstrike $284MM 374.0 32.5t 0.8x 8.9x
Vivo Cannabis $308MM 240.5 57.0t 1.3x 5.4x
Village Farms Intl. $308MM 550.0 37.5t 0.5x 7.8x
InvictusMD $157MM 210.2 15.7t 0.7x 10.0x
Supreme Pharmaceuticals $441MM 342.0 50.0t 1.5x 9.9x
Median Metrics $290.4MM 462.0 35.3t 0.8x 8.3x
Implied Valuation of Isracann Biosciences $176.9MM $195.7MM
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