Israel’s First Pure-Play Cannabis Enterprise

Isracann, Israel’s first pure-play cannabis firm, is focused on becoming a premier, low-cost cannabis producer. Isracann has secured 3 farms in Israel with cultivation licenses totalling 580,000 sq. ft.

Located in the cannabis research capital of the world, Isracann has relationships with the research, scientific and medical community to identify opportunities and develop pipeline of drugs and devices.

The company is targeting an undersupplied domestic market and anticipates
near-term expansion to major European marketplaces.

Business Model: Four Pillars

Isracann believes in four verticals to leverage its expertise and scale its business


Israel’s climate presents ideal conditions for low-cost production with superior quality. Partnership with Yamko, a leading global construction firm ensures industry-leading facilities


Israel has a massive domestic undersupply and over 10,000 patients on waitlist. Close Proximity to the EU allows Isracann to efficiently export once new legal framework is implemented


A centre for innovation and excellence, Israel’s well-known identity allows for branding differentiation across the globe


Partnership with Lumir Labs at Hebrew University of Jerusalem to leverage their expertise and bring novel products to market. Hanus Lumir, founder of Lumir Labs, is credited with isolating the first known endo-cannabinoid in the human brain

The Team

President & CEO Daryl Jones Mr. Jones has over 15 years of capital market experience and an established financial network. Prior to joining Isracann in 2018, Mr. Jones was an Investment advisor with PI Financial…
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Director Brett Allan Mr. Allan has over 10 years of investment and capital markets experience. Mr. Allan has assisted in raising $400MM in the cannabis sector as the VP of Corporate Development for…
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Strategic Advisor Nitin Kaushal Mr. Kaushal is a managing director with PwC in the Corporate Finance Practice in Toronto 25 years experience in the healthcare industry Mr. Kaushal has participated in capital market transactions…
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Strategic Advisor Mark Zegal Mark Zegal is an Israeli businessman with specialization in the capital markets. Formerly a member of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, Mr. Zegal has 20 years of experience in…
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CFO & Director Yana Popova Ms. Popova received a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto. Ms. Popova was an accountant at a Toronto-based merchant bank. She acted as an accountant to multiple public…
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COO Israel Moseson Mr. Moseson has been involved in the cannabis sector for over 5 years in Israel and is responsible for in-country operations. Prior to entering the cannabis industry, Mr. Moseson specialized…
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Director Sean Bromley Mr. Bromley works in corporate finance at a boutique investment firm. A former investment advisor with experience working with public companies, he is currently a director of White Gold Resources…
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