Israel’s First Pure-Play Cannabis Enterprise

Isracann, Israel’s first pure-play cannabis firm, is focused on becoming a premier, low-cost cannabis producer. Isracann has a joint venture agreement in place with a built 55,000 sqft farm, which is expandable to 160,000 sq ft in the near term and has access to over 2,000,000 sq ft of private land.

The company is targeting undersupplied domestic demand combined with an immense international market opportunity through Israel’s new medical cannabis export framework for 2020.

Business Model: Four Pillars

Isracann believes in four verticals to leverage its expertise and scale its business


  • Architectural design reviewed by Security consultant and Best Practices consultant.
  • Designs submission to Israeli Land Authority.
  • Application submission to use land as a joint venture.
  • Land inspection by the Israeli Land Authority.
  • Specific Genetics offtake program designed to provide highest quality gene material within Israel.
  • EU GMP certified packing/drying facility targets highest quality product for domestic and export markets.


  • ISL/EU GMP Manufacturing Processes
  • Strategic LOI with Israeli manufacturer defines a clear path to in-country revenue.
  • Sourcing additional capacity to meet future demand.
  • Low-cost production (est. $0.40/gram).
  • IMC-GAP/GSP certified for export compliance.
  • Production layout offers excellent modularity for irrigation, electrical distribution and maintenance.
  • Ideal climate for industrial scale cultivation.


  • Israel’s massive domestic undersupply drives regional demand.
  • Signed sales agreements give Isracann access to the Israeli market from the first crop.
  • Proximity to the EU allows efficient export under new legislation (January 2019).
  • Strategic distribution partner provides practical intermediate multinational trans-shipment entry point.
  • Product access to Germany, United Kingdom, Poland & Denmark.
  • Existing product lines provide access to domestic and export markets.


  • Israel is recognized worldwide as a center for excellence in agronomy, research, genetics, manufacturing and quality assurance.
  • Regional expertise allows for branding differentiation that resonates across the globe.
  • Brand positioning will focus on high quality “made in Israel Cannabis.”
  • Israeli brand will aid positioning of new commercial formulations.
  • Build out of Cannabis/CBD product lines will emphasize regional attributes and quality.

The Team

President & CEO Phil Floucault Mr. Floucault most recently served as Co-Founder, President & CEO of the Costa Canna Group & United Greeneries Ltd, which in turn served Canadian provincial retail stores, federal production, processing,…
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Director Darryl Jones Darryl Jones has over 15 years of capital market experience with a well-established financial network. Prior to joining Isracann in 2018, Mr. Jones was an investment advisor with PI Financial…
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COO Matt Chatterton Mr. Chatterton brings over 15 years of experience in the design, development and execution across a variety of projects and manufacturing operations. His expertise includes project management, facility management, logistics,…
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CFO, Corp. Secretary & Director Yana Popova CFO of the Issuer since November 15, 2017; Controller at Fortuna Investment Corp. since September 2017; Accountant at Platinum Group Metals (2015-2017); Accountant at PowerOne Capital Markets Limited (2011-2014); Director…
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Director Irit Arbel , Ph.D. Dr. Arbel brings significant senior multidisciplinary biopharma experience to Isracann’s board. She serves as CEO, Co-Founder and Director of Neurocords Ltd., a company focused on developing new treatments for peripheral…
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Director Sean Bromley Mr. Bromley works in corporate finance at a boutique merchant bank. A former investment advisor with experience working with public companies, he is currently a director of White Gold Resources…
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Director Desmond Balakrishnan Partner, McMillan LLP, a commercial and business law firm since January 2004
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Strategic Advisor Nitin Kaushal Mr. Kaushal is a managing director with PwC in the Corporate Finance Practice in Toronto with 25 years experience in the healthcare industry. Mr. Kaushal has participated in capital market…
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Advisory Board Member Brett Allan Mr. Allan has over 10 years of investment and capital markets experience and is currently founder, President and CEO of Apex Capital. Apex provides investor relations, PR and corporate finance…
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Advisory Board Member Justin Cooper Mr. Cooper is Co-Owner of Green Planet Wholesale, the largest privately owned hydroponics chain in Canada. For +25 years he has built manufacturing, wholesale, & retail locations servicing some of…
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