Israel’s First Pure-Play Cannabis Enterprise

Isracann, Israel’s first pure-play cannabis firm, is focused on becoming a premier, low-cost cannabis producer. Isracann is fully funded to execute on over 230,000 sq ft of hybrid greenhouse.

The company is targeting undersupplied domestic demand combined with an immense international market opportunity through Israel’s new medical cannabis export framework for 2020.

Business Model: Four Pillars

Isracann believes in four verticals to leverage its expertise and scale its business


  • Construction of  our 230,000 sq ft hybrid greenhouse for ultra-low-cost production of high-quality medical cannabis is expected to be completed by late Q4 2019.
  • Planned annual capacity on initial building is 11,500 kg with full expansion to 23,500 kg.
  • Hybrid greenhouse facility holds key advantages over indoor greenhouses.
  • Lower CapEx and OpEx allow for ultra low cost production.
  • Precise control of humidity temperature and overall environmental conditions.
  • Our highly automated positive pressure rooms reduce the chance for contaminants.
  • We utilize cannabis-bred genes from Israel, Canada and Holland to offer a wide variety of strains to our consumers.

Products & Manufacturing

  • Premium organic verticals begin with premium flowers.
  • Cannabinoids are the first ingredient in a variety of higher margin products.
  • Focused on delivering GMP-grade flower for export.
  • Plans to expand into higher margin products like ultra-pure cannabinoid distillate which can be infused into a variety of products.
  • Partnership with Israeli Manufacturing company to produce products.


  • Through a partnership with a distribution company in Malta, lsracann will be able to efficiently export cannabis to the EU market. This will allow us access to some of the world’s largest markets, including Germany.
  • The German market has a population of 82.7 million people and is by far the most developed cannabis market in the EU.
  • Legislation is changing very rapidly in the EU as more countries open their borders to allow for cannabis importation.
  • Israel has approved exports at the parliamentary level with operations projected to commence in 2020.

R&D Genetics

  • We have sourced leading Israeli genetics R&D to secure initial plant base and to offer unique Israeli strains of cannabis.
  • Isracann also imports strains of cannabis from Canada and Holland to offer a wider range of products.
  • Israel is a leading cannabis research hub which gives Isracann access to new formulations and allows us to offer cutting edge product lines.

The Team