ISRACANN is targeting an undersupplied Israeli domestic market and anticipates near-term expansion to major European marketplaces with ultra low cost production of high quality medical cannabis.

Focused on becoming the regions premier, low-cost cannabis producer, ISRACANN is about to embark on a 230,000 sq. ft. buildout of hybrid closed door greenhouses in NIR Israel where the cliamet is ideal for cultivation.


In 2007 Israel became the first country to allow medical research and cannabis cultivation. As of January 2019 it is now the third country behind Canada and Netherlands with an export framework. Positioned in the cannabis research capital of the world, we have relationships with the research, scientific and medical community to identify opportunities and develop a pipeline of products and devices.

Domestic Market

10,000 patients in Israel currently on waitlist with an estimated 50,000 anticipated by late 2019. Massively underserved domestic market presents significant and immediate opportunity.

European Market

Has begun to open with Germany leading the charge. With the export framework in place, Isracann will become a premier supplier to the European market (pop. over 740 million, double USA and Canada). EU medical market estimated to be $64B USD by 2028.

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